We were contacted by this client because she wanted to take her bedroom, which was unpainted and full of furniture pieces from college and update it into a sexy, rock and roll inspired boudoir. After much research, we decided that a mix of colors, metallics and patterns was our best way to go.

The first order of business was to repaint those walls. Dark and sexy was our goal. On the accent wall we did a multi layered crocodile hide stencil, alternating between black and metallic paint. It allowed for extra texture and makes you want to go up and touch the wall just to check if it's real or not.

After we got the walls in order, it was time to build a custom vanity/music station. Hand picked, reclaimed wood and metal pipes were our medium that gave an edgier, industrial vibe to the space. Now our rocker has a space to not only create her music but her look as well.

Finishing touches to round out the space included a rich, green velvet headboard, horseradish duvet covert, paisley sheets , gorgeous turkish rug and two mirrored wall sconces for mood lighting.

Little additions like the vintage skull ring dish and the bronze skull wall hooks also added those little extra pops.


Often times our clients have a few pieces of furniture that they love but just don't work in their space "as is".  This project was no exception. Our solution is to give those pieces a makeover.

First up was the client's desk. It was the perfect size and had the perfect amount of storage. Finding a replacement piece was not a success. That's when we said let's give it a furniture facelift.

This white shabby chic vibe was no longer going to work. We went with a black and aged exterior with pops of crocodile and fuscia on the interior.

Finding a perfect match to her existing side table was going to prove a challenge considering the age of the piece. Luckily, we had a piece on hand that was the same dimensions and we customized them both to make these two separate pieces now feel like a pair.