When we first met with our clients, they had bare walls with so much potential. These guys were gone so often that putting the finishing touches on their apartment proved difficult. That's where we stepped in.  One of the first items we talked about was their accent wall. They had expressed a desire to put wallpaper up but since they didn't own their apartment and the labor involved with wallpaper removal can be tricky we decided to stencil their accent wall with a metallic Ralph Lauren paint. We sponged it on rather than using a roller to add more dimension to the wall.  

Our world traveling clients are also big art lovers and wanted custom art that could showcase some of their purchases from around the world. We built a wooden installation piece and stained it to match their decor. Custom fit shelves were attached to spotlight their favorite pieces.

After mounting their television and purchasing a unique components console at a thrift store, their accent wall was complete creating a one of a kind space that our clients were thrilled to come home to after exploring parts unknown.