Most people know what they like and don't like.  They might even have a great start going, but it's the last pieces, the finishing touches,that really round out a space and make it feel pulled together. Doing this on your own can be challenging. Sometimes it takes a second eye to see the things that will finish a space off. This was the case with our latest client. 


This newly built, one bedroom apartment in midtown was stellar.  Floor to ceiling windows that brought in natural light, sweeping views and beautiful hard wood floors were among it's many assets. Though our client had lived there for years, she had never been able to commit to a paint palate.  We happily put together a few soothing colors that made her happy and got out our drop cloths.  A bold mint was chosen as a splash of fun for the kitchen, a warm, clay color for the living room, feminine blush in the bathroom and a vibrant plum in her bedroom with a custom accent wall behind the bed. 

Living Room


The living room was meant to be a serene place for relaxing after a long day at the office.  The sofa our client had fit the space really well so we decided to work around that.


  Lush pillows in metallic and velvet were thrown in for texture.

 The big statement maker was the stunning wool rug we chose.  It was soft and plush and really tied the room together. A wood coffee table with a glass cut out created a great space to set a cocktail or tray of goodies when entertaining.  

The lacquered bar that our client had felt cumbersome in it's original location so we moved a few things around and carved out a bar area decorating it with existing items and a table lamp to brighten things up. 


 Our client fell in love with a damask stencil that we painted in custom colors and framed as a one of a kind statement over the sofa.

  An acrylic table on wheels became a magazine rack/side table and a pair of mismatched chairs flanked it to become a cozy reading nook.


Our client's bedroom was a fun challenge.

She had requested color and we went for it with a rich plum and a custom stenciled accent wall.

  We chose an embroidered quilt and throw pillows for bedding, a pair of new night stands and matching table lamps to round out the accent wall.

 Our client requested a work space in her initial consultation and she loved the antiqued glass desk we found online. It seemed so inspiring to look out onto the city scape below while working.

A hand painted dresser was chosen to replace the large entertainment credenza to create more storage. It was smaller than the original piece which left room for our client's fantastic jewelry collection. We scoured a vintage furniture shop and found a perfect little dresser that we custom painted to make room for jewelry and hosiery.  Adding it to our client's antique mirror and jewelry box created a fun dressing station any girl would drool over.



And there you have it, another well rounded, personalized apartment. Sometimes you need a little Apartment CPR, turning apartments into homes.