This beautiful 1800 square foot apartment had the beginnings of a stunning apartment in the heart of midtown. With bare white walls and mainly lighter furniture, the beautiful features that had been installed in the home were not being featured to their fullest potential. With the addition of color in paint, furniture and floor coverings we were able to bring this gorgeous space to life.

Before and After

Living Room

The main living are had 2 pieces reupholstered. The large white couch was reupholstered in a rich, plum colored velvet. A lighter purple herringbone covered the mid-century corner chair. A 3rd chair rounded out the sitting area and the fun fur bench was moved to a better spot. The blinds were updated with top up, bottom down shades and the wall color made all of the beautiful built ins pop. 

 Dining Room

This plum rug that coordinates with the reupholstered sofa not only brings a through line from the living room into the dining room, but it also turns the eye onto the olive green mid-century chairs and bench. The wall color draws attention to the luxury built in closets and lacquered credenza. 


A chair was placed in the office as additional seating and the sage green paint highlighted this oversized print on the wall opposite the desk. A piece of art gave a nod to the client's home town and a club chair and coordinating lamp were added to tie the space together. 

Guest Bathroom

By choosing a rich charcoal gray paint the counter tops took center stage and made the white stand alone tub and tiles pop. 

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom was amped up with a warm green. The bedding got an overhaul to reflect a spa like quality and custom art framed the bed making it a retreat for any visitor.

Additional Photos


In 2016 the average American spends 47 hours a week at work. So it stands to reason that where you work should be a place where you feel comfortable for eight plus hours a day. Studies show that an office space with good lighting, proper layout, and an aesthetically pleasing design can increase happiness in employees and boost productivity. Productivity improvements of up to 17% can be achieved by making ergonomic improvements to work environments. Loving where you work and how it looks helps motivate employees to work harder. 


Proper floor plans are essential for productivity in the office. Layouts are determined by the type of work done in the office, however, most people need a sizable work area that remains fairly uncluttered, calm and aesthetically pleasing to stay focused on their daily tasks.  Cubicles are a thing of the past and offices are embracing the use of open spaces and inspiring color. Putting like task employees together as a unit can help boost creativity within the group.

Equally the lobby of your office space should be the first thing with which a potential or recurring client connects. The layout and design of this space should evoke a sense of who you are as a company and how you will take care of your client. Clients are more likely to feel connected to and trust offices with an aesthetically pleasing entry way. 


Because the hours of our work weeks have increased, our time to sleep has diminished. Most people get on average 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night and as a result can feel tired during the day. Proper lighting is an easy way to counteract the sleepiness in the work place. 

NATURAL LIGHT is certainly the best source of light for an office space and can actually aid in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder. If people are happy, they tend to be more productive. Overhead lighting, which is found in a lot of stock office buildings has a tendency to aggravate workers. A great solution is to look into Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs that closely mimic natural light. 

Another solution is indirect lighting through personal lamps or other lighting fixtures that might be pleasant to the employee. Matching lamps to fit the aesthetic of the office can be used in an open floor plan. For personal offices the lamp can be more individual and should be pleasing to the aesthetic of the employee. 


Not only is paint one of the cheapest ways to decorate, color is proven to boost productivity. White walls can feel very sterile. Adding pops of color can stimulate productivity. Different colors associate with different feelings depending on the work that is being done in the office. 


Associated with power; connotes strength, warmth, energy and stimulation. It increases the Heart Rate, blood flow and invokes emotion and passion. If you need to attract attention to something in the office . . . it should be Red. 



It is a universally known color of productivity. It is associated with intellect; connotes communication, trust, efficiency and serenity. 


Associated with balance; connotes harmony, rest and peace. It is a good color for people who work long hours as it does not create eye fatigue and helps keep you calm and efficient simultaneously. 



Designers and creative employees should have Yellow integrated into their work space. Other associations with this color are emotion; connotes optimism, confidence, extroversion and creativity.



Of course these colors don't HAVE to just go on the wall as a paint. A nice neutral gray or beige pairs with many colors. You can leave the pop of color to the items in your office like a chair, rug, or piece of art. No need to choose just one. 


The decor of the office should be clean and directly link to the function of the office. The FURNITURE in the office can be part of the decor. If you have employees who are sitting for an extended period of time make sure that their chairs and desks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also supportive to the spine. Comfort creates more productivity. A space that encourages movement, and areas to stand and work have also been proven to enhance productivity and reduce restlessness and fatigue.

Art has the ability to connect with clients on an emotional level. Entering a beautiful space as a client provides them with a feeling of comfort that they will be taken care of by the company. The care the company puts in their work space will reflect how the company will take care of the client. 

If it were up to us we would all work outside on a nice spring day. PLANTS or green spaces add a special kind of ambiance bringing the outdoors inside. 

Displaying ARTWORK in and around the office has huge benefits when it comes to efficiency, productivity, and creativity. An impressive painting or a beautiful photograph can inspire employees and lead to generating innovative ideas. Art can add personality and atmosphere to a room. This atmosphere directly affects your employees and clients visiting your office. 

Art can also lead back to branding for the company/client interaction. The companies logo may play into the hues used in the art found around the office. The art can have a phrase or motto that is used for the business. Or it can be a piece that evokes the nature of the business. However you use art in your office space use it to your advantage. Art triggers a deeper connection within ourselves that can be a huge asset to any company. 

By creating natural views in urban areas the eyes can adjust and re-focus reducing fatigue from staring at a computer screen. Greenery can also reduce headaches as well as filter air and remove mold and bacteria.

We're ready to make your office dreams a reality and increase your office productivity between your employees and your clients. 

Make sure to take a look at the our corner office make-over from last year HERE


Finding the PERFECT piece for your space can be challenging. We try to focus on the shape and function of each piece and envision the possibility in the final look. Sometimes the best solution is to FLIP IT! These are some of our favorite furniture flips to date. 

Big and Bold

This hutch went from formal to FUN with some cobalt blue chalk paint and Annie Sloan  wax. Click for more images.

This client needed a functional piece in her office that fit in with the rest of her decor. We spiced things up with an animal stencil in a pop of color as added interest.

A retro beach inspired vibe gave these Ikea pieces new life for a client moving to the West Coast. Click for more images.


Classic doesn't have to mean boring. Here are some beautiful pieces that add a touch of elegance. Click for more images.

Just because it's classic on the outside doesn't mean it can't have a touch of color on the inside. Click for more images.

This armoire was given a classic look to coincide with this client's zen bedroom. Additional molding and beautiful door pulls were added as a touch of interest. Click for more images.

This nursery set was refinished for a new baby girl. Pink and white beaded accents added a touch of whimsy to the bookshelf. Click for more images.


Aged is in! These pieces got updated with a beautiful but worn exterior. It can be fun to get an updated piece with the perfect loved look. They can also add a lot to a space that has a more eclectic feel. Click for more images.

Refurbishing is not limited to wood pieces. These metal stool were sanded to create a more lived in look. The mirror was hit with an acid solution for a more antiqued feel.

Another great way to create an eclectic look is to mix patterns. By keeping with similar color palates and metallics these pieces will go with the others around the home, while being fun statement pieces as well.


When the fabric is not just right or has been worn out, upholstery is the answer! Give your pieces new looks with your favorite fabric. Whether bold or neutral these pieces were updated to fit their new homes with the perfect textile. Click for more images.


 When our latest client came to us with her Hell's Kitchen apartment we came out guns blazing.  After her little brother moved out and got his own place, it was time to reclaim her domain and make it the modern regency style haven of her dreams.  She came to us with blank walls and very little furniture.  As usual, we started with paint.  She knew she loved bold, bright colors in pinks and purples but we wanted to give her a sophisticated, curated look not Barbie's dream house. The living space got a fresh coat of light gray that made her moulding pop. It was a nice neutral base that covered over the "contractor yellow". In such an angular space with lots of cut outs we decided to paint an accent wall helping delineate the entry way from the main living room.  Before we painted, a temporary wall was taken down to open up the space.  

Living Room

She loved the sloping lines of the camel back chesterfield we found and ordered in custom upholstery that went with her new color scheme.  Accent pillows in silk fuchsia, fur and metallics brought in the drama we were looking for without being too girly.  Dark, chainmail chandeliers were hung to add a sexy element that flanked the sofa perfectly.  The entryway became a focal point with a clear. lucite accent table and upholstered ottomans that created extra seating for entertaining. Black, laser cut shelves filled out an empty wall and became a mini library.



Photo Oct 29, 5 54 42 PM (1).jpg

Finishing Touches


In the kitchen, we went with a "less is more concept" painting a fresh blue gray color though out and mounting a living wall filled with ceramic planters and succulents.


The bedroom went from college dorm to 5 star hotel.  A magnificent, custom upholstered  headboard rounded out the bed.  Rich bedding from eggplant colored sheets to sheepskin pillows created an inviting sleeping space.  Paper lanterns brightened the room without cluttering the rose gold bedside tables and a bright purple chair with matching ottoman offered a cozy reading nook.

Finishing Touches



These bi coastal entrepreneurs spend the majority of their time on the west coast. They still keep their sunny one bedroom apartment in midtown to be able to travel back and forth for business. They are also avid art collectors with an appreciation for playful pieces. We were brought in to take this crowded eclectic living space and make it clean, open and livable. 

The first and most important thing was to prioritize which art we would be using in their new space. We ended up going with the black and white pieces to give off a more sleek, calming feel. All of the bright and colorful pieces were now going to live in their space on the west coast. We chose to repaint the room a lighter blue/gray making the room feel easy breezy. The large, slipcovered sectional needed to be reconfigured in the space.  Since we weren't buying new furniture pieces, figuring out where everything would now live would set the tone for the rest of the room. The metal bookshelf was dismantled and replaced with a gallery wall making their gorgeous, walnut and white lacquer credenza the new focal point. The sectional and ottoman as is would only fit in one configuration. We reconfigured the sectional into a smaller cozy sofa and placed it across from the TV and credenza which made the room more inviting. Their red, patchwork, cowhide rug was replaced with a more size appropriate  blue, over dyed Australian wool rug.  They had many coffee table art books as well as some collectible ones. We chose to display them through out the space as additional decor that showcased their personalities. A bright, sculptural art piece was now replaced with some photographs taken by one of the couple.

To finish up the project our clients had initially asked us to paint their kitchen cabinets. They wanted something to go with their new stainless steel appliances. After some thought and discussion we decided to repaint the kitchen instead of the cabinets. Since we had already done a blue gray on the other walls we decided to go with a rich cobalt. The bright color showcased the stainless steel and made the white cabinets look fresh and clean while still allowing us to bring in the vibrancy that our couple had going on with all of the art we edited. The end result was a clean space that was inviting and calm.


Our recent client reached out to us in order to decorate his Madison Avenue office. This big time executive had a fantastic corner office with sweeping views of the city. He wanted to transform his space with bland, white walls to rustic luxe with a masculine feel.

 We started with a cool, gray tone paint and added a darker accent wall with a black lacquered stencil. The stencil gave the room an edgier feel that complimented the industrial ceilings and exposed pipes. Framed prints of theaters and opera houses were added to enhance the stenciled wall and work related art was hung to add depth and color.

The client already had an awesome rustic desk and leather chesterfield sofa, so we added 2 Timothy Oulton chairs to create extra seating and round out the room.

Most of the "wow factor" is in the details. Fun pieces like a mounted Rhino head and metallic crocodile book ends brought a playful feel to the space. A modern silver lamp brought a warm glow that accented the gorgeous, solid wood credenza we added for extra storage.

The finished product was a masculine office with edgy appeal. Perfect for welcoming clients and hosting after work cocktails.


Our latest clients, who are busy professionals that spend a lot of time on the road, came to us hoping to update their upper west side retreat turning it into a beautiful space they loved to come home to. Despite the time they had been in a relationship, their schedules hadn’t allowed them to merge the space into a home that represented the two of them. Our goal was to consolidate their things, and give their entire space an update that reflected both of their tastes.

We started with paint.  The best way to transform a room is with the right paint color.  A warm, neutral gray was used in the main living space and hallways.  It gave the room new life and opened up the space.  

The Living and Dining Room


The floors were being refinished days before the installation so we had a blank space to work with.  After paint had dried we moved furniture back in and began re-staging.  An antique trunk that had been at the foot of their bed was moved into the living room to serve as a coffee table. It opened the bedroom up quite a bit and created a nice place to rest a glass of wine while lounging on the couch. A gallery of personal photos took shape on an empty wall bringing a personal touch to the living area.  The couple’s collection of sheet music and paperwork needed to be consolidated and we repurposed a pair of their existing storage cubes, painted them and added doors to create a console for closed off storage. 


A mirrored entry way table brought in some glamour and a elegant way to catch mail and keys. A large hutch was replaced by a custom painted bar and was topped off with a fun piece of art and a few quirky accents.

The Bedroom


The clients had wanted a more modern restyling in their bedroom as well. Their inspiration was Bill's office from True Blood. Changing the mauve colored walls to a rich, dark gray was the first piece of the puzzle. Heavy damask curtains were added for drama and a blackout effect at night, as well as custom made accent pillows and Euro shams for contrast. Mercury glass lamps and wooden nightstands were accentuated by a hand stenciled wall. Rustic marquee lights displaying the first letter of the couples' names brought in a fun element of light.

Their master bathroom and hallway powder room were given the same charcoal paint that really brought in a new level of sophistication. Mounted boxes built a space for their cologne that had taken up valuable counter top real estate and glass terrariums were spaced throughout to bring a low maintenance bit of greenery to each room. 

We really wanted to give the clients a clean, neutral space that they could add onto as a couple. Something cohesive and personal they could build on in the future.


We found this piece earlier this year because we were looking for a new home bar. While we love natural wood pieces, there was something about this piece that was begging for a little face lift.

We started by making our own chalk paint with a gorgeous vibrant blue by Ralph Lauren.

Then came time for the finishing touches. We purchased soft wax by Annie Sloan from our friends at  Verdigreen down in the East Village.

The Finished Product....

Here at Apartment CPR we take every chance possible to "Breathe new life into what you already own."


This client had a situation that most New Yorkers can relate to. He had moved out of one apartment and was living in a sublet until he was able to get a space of his own. The sublet came fully furnished with a dark wood dresser and bed.  His goal was to achieve a light, beach feel while still using the preexisting furniture. 

Before and After

We softened the dark wood with light accents like a crisp, white duvet cover and white linen window treatments. A custom sewn burlap runner was put on top of the dresser to give it a lighter facelift.  A large, woven rug helped tie it all together and give the room a softer feel.

Moving furniture around and adding a beautiful wingback chair and ottoman created a separate seating area that wound up becoming our client's favorite part of the installation.

The crown jewel to the whole room was the custom built driftwood statement piece that we adorned with votives. 


Elena Ricardo (currently staring as Sophie in Mamma Mia on Broadway) moved into her own brand new apartment at the beginning of the year. We helped her create her dream living room from scratch. It was fun to have a blank canvas and fill it with multiple customized elements for her glamourous girly style. Apartment CPR was there from conception to finish. my, how can we resist ya?!


Finishing Touches