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There are two HUGE reasons that custom pieces make sense when decorating your home. 1. You get exactly what you want for the space you have. 2. It's a one of a kind piece for your home that can be central to tying the space together for aesthetic and function, not to mention a great conversation piece. Here are some of our favorite custom pieces. 

Wall Art

These wooden palates transform these walls, creating interesting and rustic statement pieces.

Sets of three custom sconces gave great focal point to their spaces and created fun ambiance with fresh flowers and candles.

This piece was created to add the look of a painted wall. Framing this stenciled canvas provides both art and pattern for the room.


This duvet and headboard coincide with the valance and the sheer window panels creating a sense of geometric cohesion through the home. 

Custom window treatments are a great solution to difficult window sizes as well as getting just the right fabric for your space.

These linen panels were hung on this custom curtain rod to create the sense of a larger window by extending the panels outside of the window frame. Hooks were attached to a wooden base to continue the rustic/nautical look of this bedroom. Boat cleat and nautical rope added a touch of interest to keep the curtain panels swaged open.

These elegant, saturated curtain panels added the pop of color this TV area needed for a glamorously girly effect in our Mamma Mia makeover


These clients had an area in their studio that was not being used to it's fullest potential. Our idea was to create an eating area, but the bench had to be custom made due to the odd angle of the walls. Here is a step by step look at how we customized the space for more function and visual interest. 

Another unusual window space gets custom storage from a repurposed kitchen cabinet and extra seating as well as custom drapes to create a cozy nook.

Another unusual window space gets custom storage from a repurposed kitchen cabinet and extra seating as well as custom drapes to create a cozy nook.

These two pieces which were featured in our go-go gadget house make the studio space multi functional. The platform was created to double the space of the studio for living and sleeping areas and this interesting wall art doubles as a place for hosting guests. Click images to see more views.

This custom table repurposed a gigantic cable spool. Round legs were added to create a more appropriate table height and a beautiful piece of round glass was added to create this striking dining table in a cozy, rustic space. Click image to see more views.


Finding the PERFECT piece for your space can be challenging. We try to focus on the shape and function of each piece and envision the possibility in the final look. Sometimes the best solution is to FLIP IT! These are some of our favorite furniture flips to date. 

Big and Bold

This hutch went from formal to FUN with some cobalt blue chalk paint and Annie Sloan  wax. Click for more images.

This client needed a functional piece in her office that fit in with the rest of her decor. We spiced things up with an animal stencil in a pop of color as added interest.

A retro beach inspired vibe gave these Ikea pieces new life for a client moving to the West Coast. Click for more images.


Classic doesn't have to mean boring. Here are some beautiful pieces that add a touch of elegance. Click for more images.

Just because it's classic on the outside doesn't mean it can't have a touch of color on the inside. Click for more images.

This armoire was given a classic look to coincide with this client's zen bedroom. Additional molding and beautiful door pulls were added as a touch of interest. Click for more images.

This nursery set was refinished for a new baby girl. Pink and white beaded accents added a touch of whimsy to the bookshelf. Click for more images.


Aged is in! These pieces got updated with a beautiful but worn exterior. It can be fun to get an updated piece with the perfect loved look. They can also add a lot to a space that has a more eclectic feel. Click for more images.

Refurbishing is not limited to wood pieces. These metal stool were sanded to create a more lived in look. The mirror was hit with an acid solution for a more antiqued feel.

Another great way to create an eclectic look is to mix patterns. By keeping with similar color palates and metallics these pieces will go with the others around the home, while being fun statement pieces as well.


When the fabric is not just right or has been worn out, upholstery is the answer! Give your pieces new looks with your favorite fabric. Whether bold or neutral these pieces were updated to fit their new homes with the perfect textile. Click for more images.


We found this piece earlier this year because we were looking for a new home bar. While we love natural wood pieces, there was something about this piece that was begging for a little face lift.

We started by making our own chalk paint with a gorgeous vibrant blue by Ralph Lauren.

Then came time for the finishing touches. We purchased soft wax by Annie Sloan from our friends at  Verdigreen down in the East Village.

The Finished Product....

Here at Apartment CPR we take every chance possible to "Breathe new life into what you already own."


Today's clients needed their furniture updated for their big move from NYC to D.C.

 Our clients are moving to DC to start a new chapter in life and needed their furniture to match their new surroundings. We were more than excited to help them with this.